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nootropics's Journal

Nootropics: Cognition & Mood Enhancement
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This community is for the discussion of

Cognition & Mood Enhancing Nootropics [smart drugs], Adaptogens, & Supplements.

Users interested in learning can recieve advice from more advanced users.

Feel free to post any questions or comments, any neat information about nootropics, as well as anything that increases intelligence or mood.

While not technically "nootropics": adaptogens, vitamins & minerals, brainwave generators, deep breathing, yoga, meditation, sex and excersize all have thier own "nootropic" effects, posts may relate to information about these subjects, as well as personal experiences.

This is an unmoderated community, however if a post might generate unecessary problems or nothing to do with nootropics it may be deleted.

note: Nootropic "stacks" are combinations of various nootropics that generally have increased synergetic effects.